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Why You Should Read Trekking Pole Reviews Before Buying Yours


Whenever you need to buy something, you have to gather as much information as possible about various brands and models. Impulse purchases don’t need so much research, but expensive items or things intended for long-term use have to suit your needs as much as possible. Trekking poles are among these purchases, so you should spend some time learning about the main features and advantages of various models, as well as about the drawbacks of each one. If you do your research well, you are going to be happy with your poles, whether you intend to use them in the mountains or during your morning walks in your neighborhood.

The main reason you have to read trekking pole reviews is that they can offer you details most manufacturers don’t even think about. For instance, you may not be aware of the fact that rugged terrain can have a strong impact on the poles, making them get damaged much faster. If this is the kind of trekking you enjoy most, you should make sure the poles you choose are extremely durable and built to resist such effort. If you aren’t exactly a mountain climber, but you do enjoy long hikes through the forest, you may prefer an ultra lightweight model, as this would enable you to carry your poles with ease when you don’t want to use them. Photography fans may want to use one of the poles as a monopod for their camera so that they don’t carry too many items with them. These people should try to find a model that offers this feature.

While all these details are surely part of the product description, by reading user reviews you can see whether they are as good as they claim to be. If a manufacturer claims their trekking poles are sturdy and suitable for rocky mountain climbing, but users say their poles got damaged from the very first trip, you should rather believe the users, and stay away from this manufacturer.

The other reason why you should read use reviews before buying your trekking poles is that you need to understand which features are mandatory for you, and which ones can be easily left out, as they don’t do you any good. For instance, if you are going to use your poles only during the cold season, you shouldn’t care too much about the excessive sweating of your palms, as you are going to wear gloves anyway. If you only want to use your poles for improving your balance and for supporting your body weight during your city break travels, you might want to give up the adjustable height feature, as this would enable you to save a little money. By reading reviews written by users who have the same trekking habits as you, you can learn first hand what would work best for you, so that you don’t have to go through a lot of trial and error processes until you find your perfect pair of poles. Using other people’s experience in your life is a very good thing to do, so it would be a shame to ignore all these useful reviews that are available on all websites that sell trekking poles. By simply browsing such products on Amazon and scrolling down to read the user reviews, you can get all the information you need for making a perfect choice. You don’t have to buy online if you prefer to go to a brick and mortar shop to touch the products. However, you should do your documenting and research online, as this can be a huge time saver.…

Trekking Poles

What Trekking Pole Reviews Can Teach You About Shopping For Mountain Gear

Mountain hiking can be a very rewarding and exciting activity. Many people are addicted to such trips, so they don’t waste any occasion to take their best gear and go on a new adventure, even if it’s only for one day. Some are backpackers, used to hike the mountains for many days in a row, sleeping in tents and washing in the river. All these people need proper equipment, as life on the mountains isn’t always a piece of cake. Besides, trekking or climbing for a long time may result in severe fatigue and even in leg injuries.

Trekking poles are the perfect choice that can offer protection against losing your balance and tripping over or sliding. They are suitable for climbing, but also for trekking or even for strolling around through the forest. Nonetheless, depending on your hiking habits and preferences, you are going to be better off with certain features while leaving out others. For instance, hiking in cold weather is different than hiking on a very hot day. High temperatures make your palms sweat, so you need trekking poles with handles that can prevent excessive sweating while offering you a stable grip during the entire trip. On the contrary, very cold weather will make you feel all metal items you touch even colder than they are. In such situations, a rubber grip may feel more comfortable than an aluminum one. Experienced hikers may buy several pairs of poles so that they can choose them in accordance with the hiking conditions and the outdoor temperature.

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All these being said, a new hiker seeking to buy the best equipment is going to have a hard time making the right choices. It’s easy to choose when you only have two or three options. However, when you need to compare dozens of features and hundreds of models, you may never reach a conclusion without help from the outside.

For instance, when buying trekking poles, user reviews can help you gain a better understanding of this piece of equipment and its most important features. You can learn that mountain climbing calls for adjustable length poles, as going up requires a bigger length than going downhill. You have to be able to adjust your poles, or be ready to carry them with you without using them. You can also learn that ultra lightweight poles are perfect for very long hiking trips, in which you need to carry a lot of equipment in your backpack. The last thing you need in such situations is a pair of long and heavy poles to carry all the way. This is why, if you are a fan of such trips, you should rather seek to buy a compact model that can fit on your back when not in use.

By reading trekking pole reviews, you can find out what users think about the grip of various models, about their durability, and about the overall hiking experience. If there’s anything wrong with a particular model, you have good chances to find it out, as unhappy clients are willing to share their issues with their peers. These reviews can guide you in your purchase so that you end up with a shortlist of reliable, high-quality poles to choose from. If you only rely on information from the manufacturers, you may realize too late that there are details that bother you. If you have read a few reviews, you may have avoided the issue by not buying that particular model in the first place. This is the beauty of the internet: keeping secrets it’s very hard, if not impossible.…

Trekking Poles

Trekking Pole Reviews – Helpful Of Useless?


One decade ago, very few people considered using trekking poles in their hiking adventures. Today, even elderly people taking their daily walks use these aids to improve their balance and support part of their body weight. There are some good advantages to using trekking poles, so there’s no wonder they have become so popular. This is also the reason why manufacturers have launched various lines of products, featuring various characteristics to suit virtually all needs of their customers. You can buy trekking poles designed especially to last for a very long time; poles made from lightweight materials, poles with rubber, cork or aluminum handles, poles for all tastes and needs. All you have to do is to inform yourself on what’s available, and then choose what suits you best.

This buying process isn’t too complex. Trekking poles aren’t crazy expensive so that you can buy them after a few hours of research. You don’t need to spend months or years on comparing various options, as you don’t buy your poles for life anyway. The main reason people use them is that they offer better balance, thus helping them avoid getting injured by tripping over or sliding on mountain paths.

When comparing various models and brands, it’s a good idea to check out several user reviews before buying anything. This can help you avoid crappy experiences. You can be sure that a user who has had a bad experience with certain poles is going to write about that on many websites. The more negative reviews you find about a product, the more you should stay away from it. The opposite is also valid; a product that only has raving reviews may be too good to be true. You should take those reviews with a grain of salt. It’s also a good idea to try to find the poles in a store, and touch them to feel for yourself how good their grip is and how solid and reliable they seem.

Seasoned mountaineers may not need user reviews, as they might be the ones who try everything out before becoming mainstream. They are usually contacted by major trekking pole brands and get offered a pair, just to try them out and write about their experience. The most useful trekking pole reviews are the ones published by people like you, by the average users who needs these products to improve the balance and to support the body weight during the most difficult segments of their hikes. If this is also what you are looking for, you should trust this type of people rather than beginners who have no idea what a serious hike is or experienced hikers who aim for the top of the highest mountains they can reach.

These being said, reviews are useful, as they can guide you to make the perfect purchase. However, they only work if you find the ones that are relevant to your specific situation and hiker profile. You should assess your most important requirements, and then see what products comply. Also, you should pay attention to secondary features, as they can become crucial in some situations. For instance, if you choose telescopic poles, you may be very happy while using them, but miserable when you are going to need to carry them around without using them. If you know you hate to carry heavy weights; you might be better off with a pair of ultra-lightweight and compact poles, as they won’t bother you so much along the way. They are still going to help you maintain your balance, but they won’t become a pain when not in use. Choosing the right reviews is key to picking the best trekking poles.…